Mouth-harps (A.K.A. Jaws Harps) have been made in Zella-Mehlis since 1973.

All of our mouth-Harps are hand-made and hand-tuned for accurate pitch.

Our mouth-Harps have rustproof frames and tempered steel tongues.

Mouth-harp are small musical instruments, which was spread worldwide.

In Europe they were made of metal (iron, bronze, brass). 

In the Asian area they were made predominant of bamboo.

The shape of the frame is regional different, but that function principle is everywhere equal.

A spring tongue swings in the easy perturbing mouth lacuna, that effects as a resonance room.

Me are mouth-harp known from:

Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Jakutien, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afganisthan, India, Philippines, USA.