Zambomba (Rommelpott)

he bass of the Middle Ages.


The wooden stick is rubbed with a damp linen cloth. This creates a deep humming sound.


Video Spielanleitung

  59,00 EUR


Pot height: approx. 20 cm

Height of the stick: approx. 30 cm

For the pot, I use a hand-made, three-color marbled clay pot from a local pottery.

Together we selected the material and shape for the pot based on the best sound properties.

Diameter: about 25 cm


The cover is made of cow leather. It has a deep and full sound, is water-repellent and does not change the sound even when playing for a long time.



The elaborate lacing is made with rice-resistant polypropylene cord.






A specially made screw connection made of aluminum ensures that the wooden stick is firmly connected to the leather.

It can be unscrewed for transport.