Prices, shipping costs and expiry of orders


You write an email to:,
in which you have the order number of the desired Jew's harp
or write down the desired article and delivery address.
In response, I will send you the bank details and the total price.
Payment is then made by bank transfer.
When paying via Paypal there are additional costs (approx. 4%).
Unless otherwise requested, shipping is uninsured as a consignment.
All prices are final prices without VAT according to §19 UStGes. (Small business regulation) currently Shipping and packaging.


1-5 Jew's-harp


7,00 EUR

1-5 Jew's-harps

world wide

10,00 EUR

Please inquire about other shipping options.
The Jew's harp is delivered on wooden blocks (included in the price).

Maultrommel mit Holz

Please note that Jew's harps are put in your mouth when playing and are therefore not exchangeable. A goodwill arrangement is possible after consultation.

order by E-Mail :



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